Dev World Talk

Reality Composer – How anyone can create meaningful AR experiences

Cool demos

My coffee machine demo

Try on sunglasses

Wannakicks – Try on shoes in AR app

Ikea place – Try furniture in your place

Minecraft earth – New Minecraft augmented reality game

Apps I use

For 3D modelling:

Fusion360 – Better at making technical detailed 3D models good for 3D printing and precise details – not the best at exporting .objs

TinkerCAD – If you've never done 3D work before, this is a great way to get started. It's as simple as drag + drop, like lego

Blender – I've only just started working with blender, and already I love it. It's just recently had a major update and even does texture painting

For texture painting:

Substance painter – the absolute best 3D texturing app, while it does cost, it's absolutely worth it. It's one of the only apps that supports .usdz export

Blender – Also a great texture painter, but doesn't support .usdz export yet, but you can export as .gltf and use usdzconvert python library to turn it into a .usdz

For AR prototyping

As the name of the talk suggests, Reality Composer is absolutely the best tool for prototyping with AR experiences, and supports horizontal, vertical, face, image and object anchors, has a built in library of great USDZ assets, has a full physics engine and the .reality files it produces work in apps or on the web – and it requires absolutely no code to use – although, it's Apple only.

People to follow

@usdzshare – who runs the website – a great collection of .usdz and now .reality files

@jimmygunawanapp – Jimmy also goes by 'blender sushi guy' who's been making blender tutorials and tweets for years

Useful links

Apple AR Human Interface Guidelines – genuinely useful tips for creating compelling AR apps – a great library of .usdz and .reality assets that you can use in your projects

Augmented Reality

I used Augmented Reality to prototype form quicker than building real life models, for instance times that I couldn't be in the workshop. I used Fusion 360 to model my designs, and Substance Painter to texture them. Finally, I exported them as a .USDZ file and can share to people to be visualised in their own spaces, in life size. AR mode only works on iPhones and iPad.

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